Enhance your coffee-drinking routine with the Aromacup.

The home-compostable coffee cup made by planet Earth.

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Made from Bamboo

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The home-compostable coffee cup made by planet Earth.

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Crafted for Joyful Sustainability

At Earthmade, the Aromacup isn't just a coffee cup; it's a testament to design excellence and sustainable living. Collaborating with Beta Design Office, we embarked on a journey to infuse the essence of natural circulation into every aspect of the Aromacup.

Our commitment led us to create a leakproof, stylish, and user-friendly coffee cup that seamlessly blends convenience with eco-conscious living.

Perfectly sealed

The rubber gaskets inside the rotating lid ensure the liquid inside won't escape the cup, allowing the Aromacup to be leakproof. Perfect for on-the-go drinking.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Curious minds, we hear you! Delve into our Frequently Asked Questions to unravel the secrets behind the Aromacup—Earthmade's game-changing, eco-friendly coffee cup.

The Aromacup stands out by being made from Earthmade's innovative Bamboo-O material, which is entirely plant-based and home-compostable. It is free from plastics and chemicals, contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly coffee-drinking experience.

Yes, through Earthmade’s B2B services, clients can request different colors and finishes for the Aromacup to align with their branding, providing endless customizability options.

Bamboo-O is a patented material developed by Earthmade, combining the flexibility of plant starch with the toughness of bamboo fiber. It mimics the rigidity of plastic but is fully home-compostable, contributing to a lower carbon footprint than traditional paper products.

Yes, the Aromacup is designed with a stylish body that fits comfortably in your hand. The ribbing pattern on the body allows for an easy and secure grip, providing a pleasant and ergonomic coffee-drinking experience.

Absolutely! The Aromacup is designed for individuals on the move. Its rotating lid, sealed with rubber gaskets, ensures a leakproof experience, making it perfect for enjoying your coffee on the go.