About us

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Our suppliers – a key to building a better business

We know that our business has an impact on people and the planet. So how can we do good business while being a good business?

We want everyone to feel good about the products we sell. That's why choosing suppliers is not just a question about finding the right quality, at the right price. We also want to make sure that our environmental standards are met, and that everyone involved is treated fairly.

For us it's a natural extension of creating a better everyday life, and that's why it includes suppliers and service providers across different stages of the value chain including service providers to stores, distribution centers and facility management, as well as suppliers of food, transport, home furnishing products and components.

Sustainability strategy – making a real difference

The planet is our only home. And our home needs us now more than ever. Inequality risks making it unaffordable. Intolerance risks making it unwelcome. And climate change, uninhabitable. But home has always been what we make of it. And we’re determined to help a billion people live better everyday lives.

Healthy & sustainable living

Inspiring and enabling more than 1 billion people to live better lives within the limits of the planet.

Renew it

With a bit of care, an old chair can be refurbished to become new again.

A brighter life at home with LED

In order to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases, we have taken a stand against traditional incandescent lightbulbs.