Creative Elements 2.9.14 : Introducing Theme Style and Custom Icons

Revolutionize the look of your PrestaShop store the latest update of Creative Elements. Introducing the Theme Style feature, which allows you to customize the overall design of your store, and the Icon Manager for adding custom icons. Read on to find out how these new features can improve your online store's aesthetics and user experience.

Theme Style

With the introduction of the Theme Style feature in Creative Elements v2.9.14, PrestaShop store owners now have the ability to set a default styling for their entire store. This means that you can customize the design and display of your entire online store without having to manually adjust each element one by one.

The Theme Style feature allows you to create Style Guides which will be applied to the full store. This means you can define your store's typography, colors, and other design elements, and easily apply them across your entire site. This is particularly useful for ecommerce stores, where consistent branding and design can help build trust with customers and make the shopping experience more enjoyable.

Premade Style Guide Templates

Who can benefit from this new feature?

Everyone, whether you are launching a completely new project or developing an existing online store.

If you're starting a new project, creating a Style Guide in Theme Style is a great way to pre-define the style of different building blocks like headings, body text, buttons, images, and input fields. This way, you can build pages quickly with fewer CSS rules, resulting in faster loading speeds. Plus, if you ever want to change fonts or buttons, you can do so easily, and it will apply to the entire store.

For those who already have an existing shop, the Theme Style feature can still be useful. You can create a Style Guide afterwards and apply it to your new pages. If you want to optimize your older pages, you can disable the style definitions that are applied to widgets one by one. This way, you can go through your different pages step by step, speeding them up even further. If your Bootstrap-based theme contained elements you couldn't change, such as default button colors, you can now customize them easily with Creative Elements. With this new feature, you can create a consistent look and feel across your entire store, making it easier for your visitors to navigate and ultimately leading to higher conversions.

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Icon Manager

Introducing the Icon Manager, a powerful tool that allows you to easily add icons to your website. With the switch to Font Awesome 6, you now have access to over 2000 free icons.

But that's not all - the Icon Manager also allows you to upload your own custom SVG icons or import external icon libraries. This means that you can easily create a unique look and feel for your shop by using your own custom icons. Whether you're looking to add icons to your buttons, CTAs, header, or footer, the Icon Manager makes it easy to do so. So don't settle for boring icons - make your website stand out with the Icon Manager.

More than 2000 free Font Awesome 6 icons

Dark Mode UI theme

The Dark Mode UI theme is one of the exciting new features introduced in Creative Elements 2.9.14. This UI theme is not only visually appealing but also practical as it can help to save your laptop's battery life, which in turn benefits the environment. Additionally, it can ease eye strain, especially when working at night, and improve contrast in the editor panel for better accessibility.

Background slideshow

With Creative Elements' new Background Slideshow feature, you can now add a slideshow of images as the background of a Section, Column, or Inner Section. This allows you to create more complex layouts and structures, while still preserving a seamless transition effect. Simply add your text or other content over the slideshow, and you have a visually stunning banner. Plus, with the Ken Burns effect, the images in the slideshow can come to life and add even more depth to your design. So go ahead and take your website to the next level with the Background Slideshow feature in Creative Elements.

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We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements that we have introduced in Creative Elements 2.9.14. Theme Style, Custom Icons, Dark Mode UI Theme, and Background Slideshow are all designed to help you create more attractive and functional ecommerce websites. We are always striving to provide the best experience possible for our users, so please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions for future updates. Check out the full changelog for all the details on these new features and improvements.