Template Packs

Template packs are themed sets of page templates and blocks which are created in the same design scheme.


A page template is a pre-designed, custom set of layout options used to change the way one or more pages appears. This includes things like the formatting and layout of the content as it appears on the page.

Landing Page – Coffee
Skincare – Home
Skincare – Contact
Skincare – About us
Handmade – Home
Handmade – Contact
Handmade – About us
Wireframe – Home
Wireframe – Contact
Wireframe – About us
Landing Page – Lookbook
Furniture – Home
Furniture – Contact
Furniture – About us
Electro – Home
Electro – Contact
Electro – About us
Mode – Home
Mode – Contact
Mode – About
Mode – Size Guide
Minimal Fashion – Home
Minimal Fashion – Contact
Minimal Fashion – About us
Landing Page – Christmas
Landing Page – Black Friday Coming
Landing Page – Black Friday Sale
Landing Page – Hotel
Homepage – Restaurant
Homepage – Study
Homepage – Agency
Product – App
Homepage – Fitness
Homepage – Business
Landing Page – Vacation
Homepage – App
Homepage – Law firm
One Page – Architect Office
About – Startup
About – Personal
About – CV
About – Art Gallery
About – Architecture
Landing Page – Mobile App
Landing Page – Wedding
Landing Page – Photography
Landing Page – Tourism
Landing Page – Product
Landing Page – Real Estate 1
Landing Page – Real Estate 2
Landing Page – Webinar
Contact – Modern
Contact – Restaurant
Contact – Cake Shop
Contact – Hotel
Contact – Corporate
Services – Moving
Services – Fun
Services – Consulting
Product – Clean
Shop – Sweets
Blog Post – Launch


Blocks are pre-designed section templates that can be easily combined to create a complete & beautiful page. Think of Blocks like Lego bricks. You pick the relevant blocks – start with the banner, services, categories and the other parts of your page, then customize each one to make it fit your website.

About the company 1
About the company 2
About the company 3
About the company 4
Better than any visual
Alternate gallery slide
Grid Gallery Slide
About the brand
Tommy Rivers 1
Tommy Rivers 2
End of Season Sale
Just in Time
Free shipping on gray
Countdown announcement bar
Show more info bar
Rotating announcement bar
Announcement bar with button
Parallax banner
Shaping the future
Playground for creative people
Purchase Now
Banner grid 4 columns
Overlapped image left
Overlapped image right
Flip banner grid 4 columns
Flip banner grid 3 columns
Jasmine Fashion Banner
Call to action grid with 3 shrinking columns
Call to action 3 columns
Sale banner 2
Premium brands 1
Our Brands 1
Our Brands 2
Premium brands 2
Get in touch
Get in touch 2
Questions about a product
Features to start, sell & grow
Features to start
All services in one place
Skincare footer
Handmade footer
Wireframe footer
Furniture footer
Minimal Fashion footer
Electro footer
Footer black 1
EsPresto footer
Simple footer
Skincare header
Handmade header
Wireframe header
Furniture header
Minimal Fashion header
Minimal Fashion alternative header
Electro header
Furniture Maintenance
Minimal Maintenance
Electro Maintenance
Mode Maintenance
Check out our work 1
Check out our work 2
Check out our work 3
Check out our work 4
Shop the look 1
New arrival collection
Product grid 4x2
Fullwidth product grid 5 columns
Minimalistic product grid with borders
Product carousel on the right
Rounded product carousel on the right
Product carousel on two sides
Design Services
Our services 1
Our services 2
Why to Buy from us
Pricing options
Flip services
Credit Progress Bar
Progress Bars
Creative charts
Alternate numbers
Subscribe white 1
Subscribe black 1
Subscribe white 2
Subscribe black 2
Subscribe black 3
Sign Up for Our Newsletter
Parallax Subscribe
Sign up with image
Sign up 2 columns
Connect with our team
Tommy Rivers 3
What people say 1
What people say 2
Customers reviews 1
Customers reviews 2
Customer Satisfacion
Johanna Smith
Skincare 404
Handmade 404
Furniture 404
Minimal Fashion 404
Skincare – Product
Handmade – Product
Electro – Product
Furniture – Product
Wireframe – Product
Mode – Product
Minimal Fashion – Product
Minimal Fashion – Grid Product
Minimal Fashion – Product with sidebar
Minimal Fashion – Product page with hurry focus
Basic – Product
Horizontal gallery – Product
Sticky – Product
With Right Sidebar – Product
Eclectic gallery – Product
Masonry layout – Product
Overlapping gallery – Product
Boxed – Product
Handmade – Product Quick View
Electro – Product Quick View
Furniture – Product Quick View
Mode – Product Quick View
Basic – Product Quick View
Sidebar – Product Quick View
Simple – Product Quick View
Default slide up – Product Miniature
Slide in center – Product Miniature
Push up center – Product Miniature
Slide in right – Product Miniature
Rounded slide in with icons – Product Miniature
Neo brutalist – Product Miniature
Inline with icons – Product Miniature
Scale in with icons – Product Miniature
Product box based – Product Miniature
Floating info on left – Product Miniature
Floating info on right – Product Miniature
Rounded dark floating info – Product Miniature
Wireframe – Product Miniature
Furniture – Product Miniature
Electro – Product Miniature
Handmade – Product Miniature
Interlocking Grid – Product Miniature
Skincare – Product Miniature
Mode – Product Miniature
Minimal Fashion – Main Product Miniature
Minimal Fashion – Inline Small Product Miniature
Minimal Fashion – Countdown Product Miniature
Default - Style Guide
Classic - Style Guide
Skincare - Style Guide
Handmade - Style Guide
Furniture - Style Guide
Electro - Style Guide
Minimal Fashion - Style Guide
Electro – Listing Page
Minimal Fashion – Listing Page
Mode – Listing Page
Wireframe – Listing Page
Handmade – Listing Page
Skincare – Listing Page
Furniture – Listing Page
Electro – Category Page
Minimal Fashion – Category Page
Furniture – Category Page
Mode – Category Page
Wireframe – Category Page
Handmade – Category Page
Skincare – Category Page
Electro – Listing Page
Minimal Fashion – Listing Page
Mode – Listing Page
Wireframe – Listing Page
Handmade – Listing Page
Skincare – Listing Page
Furniture – Listing Page
Electro – Listing Page
Minimal Fashion – Listing Page
Mode – Listing Page
Wireframe – Listing Page
Handmade – Listing Page
Skincare – Listing Page
Furniture – Listing Page
Electro – No results
Minimal Fashion – No results
Mode – No results
Wireframe – No results
Handmade – No results
Skincare – No results